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November 11, 2022

By: Ideon

Employee Spotlight: Jess Slabaugh

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Employee Spotlight: Jess Slabaugh

At Ideon, we’re proud to have such a talented, diverse team leading the charge for a better and more connected health insurance and employee benefits industry. Our ongoing Employee Spotlight series showcases the people behind our product and unveils what life is like at Ideon. Next up… Jess Slabaugh, Sales Director, InsurTech.

Name: Jess Slabaugh
Department: Sales
Title: Sales Director, Insurtech
Location: Knoxville, TN


How long have you worked at Ideon?

Six months. I started in the Spring of 2022.

What was your onboarding process like?

Everyone was so welcoming and excited to see Ideon growing. Ideon is made up of so many collaborative individuals with deep industry knowledge and technical ability, which made my onboarding process extremely informative and valuable. I was able to meet all our department leaders and most of my peers and collaborate on strategy almost immediately.

What do you like most about your job as a Sales Director?

I’m really proud of the solution we put out in the market. Digital Transformation is not easy, but it is necessary, and I get to help companies think strategically about how they accomplish this every day.

What attracted you to Ideon’s mission?

Over the last decade, I’ve somehow become the person that my friends call to answer their insurance questions and help them with annual enrollment. Insurance is so complicated and I loved the idea of working for a company who wanted to simplify it.

What do you like about Ideon’s company culture?

Our employees are a mix of people with and without insurance backgrounds. The combination creates a perfect balance of understanding the industry challenges and pushing the boundaries on the status quo with modern technology.


Favorite activity when you’re not working?

I’m a sucker for a DIY project!

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Istanbul, Turkey or Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s a tie!

Interesting fact about yourself… Go!

I like to renovate houses! I’m on house number 4 and have 2 rental properties in downtown Knoxville.

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