Enrollment and Member Management Solutions

Powering scalable connections for carriers and benefits platforms

The magic of one
Building and maintaining your own data integrations for enrollment isn’t scalable.

Ideon provides a single point of connection whether you are a carrier or a benefits platform. It’s a new era of efficient digital connectivity.

Leverage our connections to benefits platforms for flexible, secure, and accurate enrollment processing, with little or no IT investment.

Benefits platforms
Exchange enrollment data with carriers through a single format and connection.

End-to-end enrollment

Process group and member data with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and scalability.

Benefits Platforms
Enrollment response
Standardized response

The Ideon difference

Group & member data in one consistent API
Ideon’s enrollment and member management solution delivers format flexibility to all. We connect to any carrier technology—API, EDI, flat file, LDEx, or custom—and enable benefits platforms to deliver group and member data in one consistent API.

Group setup down to a few burden-free days
Group implementation via typical EDI feeds takes 8-12 weeks and is resource-draining for both carriers and benefits platforms. Through established carrier connections, Ideon reduces the group setup timeline to less than one week and eliminates the burden of file configuration, testing, and error handling.

Efficient, streamlined end-to-end processing
Ideon enhances efficiency, data accuracy, and scalability through every step of the group and member journey: new group application and installment; loading an existing group; year-round member management; open enrollment; and renewals.

Auto-reconciliation for immediate discrepancy resolution
Ideon proactively identifies enrollment discrepancies to ensure that all member data is in sync between carriers and benefits platforms. We compare the benefits platform’s current demographic and coverage information against what the carrier has on file to surface discrepancies immediately.

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Down to the last detail

API-enhanced data accuracy
Ideon’s API employs carrier validation, eligibility criteria, and the data translation needed in order to ensure carriers receive clean, error-free data.

As of October of 2022, Ideon’s Enrollment and Member Management API has obtained a 2-year (r2) HITRUST Certification and a SOC II Type 2 Report. Ideon is the industry’s only HITRUST-certified solution of its kind.

Our operations team is composed of benefits experts who oversee and complement our technology with a human touch, providing a clear escalation path when needed.

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