Enabling the benefits experience consumers expect

Ideon simplifies connectivity and data exchange with carriers, so digital platforms can focus on what matters most: improving users’ health insurance and benefits interactions.

Carrier connectivity without complexity
Carrier integrations are expensive and resource-intensive. Ideon paves the way for InsurTech and benefits platforms to connect with carriers quickly, efficiently, and at scale.

Powered by Ideon
Ideon’s APIs deliver the speed, accuracy, and flexibility necessary to modernize the benefits journey, from quoting and plan selection to enrollment, renewal, and year-round utilization.

Enrollment and
member management

Power smoother operations

One-to-many scalability
A single point of access to an extensive network of carriers for enrollment, administration, and renewals.

Format freedom
Exchange group and member data with carriers in one consistent format.

Proactive processes ensure that all member data is synced between platforms and carriers.

Faster, and easier
Cut group setup timelines down to less than a week, and ditch time-consuming file testing.

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Power broader offerings

Deliver medical and ancillary quotes seamlessly without building and maintaining your own rating engine.

Ideon APIs aggregate and normalize data from 300+ carriers nationwide, allowing InsurTechs to easily scale and add new functionality.

Because working with Ideon means one integration, InsurTech platforms spend less on carrier integrations and data operations.

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Decision support

Power data-driven experiences

Comprehensive provider-network and formulary data sets enable streamlined enrollment decision support and year-round healthcare navigation.

Build end-user functionality that brings transparency and guidance to the confusing world of health insurance and employee benefits.

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