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Game-changing technology is only one reason why Ideon is the leader in digital connectivity and data exchange for the health insurance and benefits industry.

What makes Ideon great

Ideon’s scalability, data accuracy, and system reliability consistently translate into significant cost reductions for customers across the board.

These savings can range from the obvious—drastically fewer person hours devoted to integrations, maintenance, and migration—to more subtle operational savings that result from clean data.


Ideon’s technology facilitates transformative growth for InsurTech platforms that need to connect quickly and efficiently with multiple carriers, as well as carriers that want to link swiftly and reliably with an expanding selection of benefits platforms, applications, and tools.

Quality & reliability
The highest standards of data accuracy and completeness, as well as timeliness of delivery, are central to the Ideon experience.

So too dependability: All Ideon solutions are hosted by AWS, with redundancy and auto-scaling to accommodate spikes in usage—no matter the time of year.

Ideon conforms to the highest levels of data integrity, operational transparency, and information confidentiality.

A recent System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type II examination provided an auditor’s confirmation that our primary products, services, and security protocols meet the Trust Services Criteria of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Ideon APIs aggregate and normalize data from 300+ carriers nationwide, allowing InsurTechs to easily scale and add new functionality.

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Our customers and partners represent every quadrant of the health insurance and benefits ecosystems, from industry giants to maverick innovators.

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