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Today’s benefits brokers use third-party digital platforms for quoting, enrollment, and decision support.

Meet Ideon, the data company enabling advanced broker technology
Ideon delivers the speed, accuracy, and scalability necessary to modernize the benefits journey, from quoting and plan selection to enrollment, renewal, and year-round utilization.

Here’s how…

Enroll groups in days, at
the click of a button

Benefits administration technology enables brokers to enroll and
administer benefits digitally. Behind the scenes, Ideon is powering
the carrier connectivity that makes it all possible.

Are your preferred carriers and BenAdmin platforms at the
forefront of enrollment technology?

Quote and compare plans
from any carrier

Today’s multi-carrier quoting solutions empower brokers to quote plans
from hundreds of carriers, across numerous markets and lines of
coverage. Ideon’s APIs are powering those data-driven experiences.

Does your digital quoting functionality meet your needs?

Navigate enrollment with
smarter decision support tools

High-quality, accurate data helps to bring transparency and
guidance to the confusing world of health insurance and employee
benefits. Today’s leading decision support experiences for brokers
and their clients are built using Ideon data and connectivity.

What could you do with better decision support tools?

Don’t see your current technology?

Ensure your preferred benefits carriers and tech platforms are leveraging Ideon to deliver powerful digital experiences for you and your clients.

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