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August 25, 2022

By: Ideon

Employee Spotlight: Amy Ekart

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Employee Spotlight: Amy Ekart

At Ideon, we’re proud to have such a talented, diverse team leading the charge for a better and more connected health insurance and employee benefits industry. Our ongoing Employee Spotlight series showcases the people behind our product and unveils what life is like at Ideon. Next up… Amy Ekart, our Operations Support Representative.

Name: Amy Ekart
Department: Solutions Delivery
Title: Operations Support Representative
Location: Colorado


How long have you worked at Ideon?

A little over four months — I started in April 2022. 

What was your onboarding process like?

Quick and easy. The People team was great at communicating the onboarding process before my first day, and once I started, I met other new members of the team who joined around the same time. It was nice to experience onboarding with a group of peers. 

Tell us about your day-to-day work as an Operations Support Representative.

My typical day centers around facilitating correspondence with carriers on data acquisition, support questions, and testing. But every day is different, as I support two separate teams: Data Operations and Carrier Relations.

How was the transition from working at a large carrier to joining an InsurTech like Ideon?

I worked in Small Group underwriting at a large insurance carrier before transitioning over. One of the biggest changes has been moving from an established corporation to a growing company, where we have more opportunities to solve problems through innovative solutions and processes. It’s exciting to be part of a company transforming the customer experience. 

What attracted you to Ideon’s mission?

It’s hard to make decisions about your health insurance and benefits. Having worked at a large insurance carrier before, I was drawn to Ideon’s mission of making the world of health insurance more transparent and consumer-friendly to help individuals make informed decisions. 

What do you like about Ideon’s company culture?

I like the collaborative and fast-paced environment, filled with a bunch of health insurance geeks who have extensive knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry. And I could tell instantly that my new teammates are genuinely good people.


Favorite activity when you’re not working? 

I live in Colorado, so it depends on the season! Skiing in the winter and hiking and camping in the summer. But I’m always trying out new craft breweries during all seasons. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled?

Iceland and Thailand. Iceland for the insane geography and Thailand for the culture (the food was tasty, too!). 

Interesting fact about yourself… Go!

I played softball in college and one year our NCAA Regional games in Arizona were broadcasted on ESPN.

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