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September 19, 2016

By: Ideon

Health Insurance Shopping & Innovation – Tech Zone with Paul Amadeus Lane

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**Ideon is the company formerly known as Vericred. Vericred began operating as Ideon on May 18, 2022.**

Paul Amadeus Lane, host of Tech Zone on ABC News Radio (1490 AM KMET), digs into health insurance, technology and open enrollment with Michael Levin, CEO and Co-Founder of Vericred.

In this segment of the show, Paul and Michael talk about the need for choice and transparency in health plans. Michael walks listeners though some of the challenges that come when navigating open enrollment and discusses different ways that Vericred’s technology enables health tech companies to deliver a better health insurance shopping experience to both companies and consumers.

What should today’s health insurance shopping experience be?

“Shopping for health insurance should be simple. Enter your doctors, enter the drugs you take, enter any life conditions (pregnant, asthma, etc) and have recommendations delivered to you with plans that fit you and your life.” – Michael Levin

Click below to watch the full segment and hear tips on how to save this open enrollment.


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