Transformation starts with collaboration



The insurance and benefits industry is in need of transformation, and we believe the solution lies in our collaboration.

Introducing: Ideon’s Innovation Community 
Ideon’s Innovation Community is an opportunity to unite leaders across the industry to tackle challenges and shape a new future together. We’re starting with the diverse and bright partners working with Ideon–and you’re invited to join.

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Our community of Ideon Innovators is working together to drive forward a new vision for the insurance and benefits industry. Each year, members have regular opportunities to gather in-person and virtually to network, learn, and influence. From roundtable discussions to collaborative workshops to fireside chats, the Innovation community is a forum to share ideas and problem solve together as we look to the future.

Member benefits:

Drive Industry Innovation
Propel the industry forward by collaboratively developing innovative solutions for longstanding challenges.


Expand Your Network
Network with other like-minded professionals and enjoy opportunities to interact directly with Ideon leadership.


Express Your Ideas
Your experience and ideas are critical to this community. We welcome all creative thinkers to share and innovate together.


Promote Your Brand
You’ll have opportunities to promote your brand’s accomplishments and share about what you’ve achieved with Ideon.


Grow as a Leader
Gain professional growth by attending exclusive educational events and learning from knowledgeable experts.


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Ways to Participate

Ideon Innovators play an active role in the community with opportunities to participate in:

Networking Events
Connect with industry professionals at networking events.

Share and explore new ideas at roundtable discussions.

Webinars + Panels
Showcase your industry expertise at speaking engagements.

Interactive Workshops
Learn and provide feedback at collaborative workshops.

Customer Highlights
Promote your brand’s success in a customer story or video.

Become an Innovator


Product Testing
Test new products and influence product development.

Interested in joining?

Be part of the insurance and benefits industry revolution.

Collaboration. Innovation. Transformation.

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